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Can I help my child to learn Welsh?

Yes, you can! There are plenty of things you can do:

Take an interest in what your child is doing at school ask what toys or games they enjoy, what they did at school today even what they had for lunch.

Encourage your child to watch Welsh-language television, and take an interest yourself in the characters ask what their names are and so on.

Play a few simple games with nursery-age children - amazing what you can do if you learn a few animal names, colours and numbers!

If your child is older, have a look at their school work, and ask them to explain things to you. Explaining in English helps them gain a better understanding of the work.

Similarly, ask your child how to say things in Welsh this will help bring Welsh out of the classroom into family life.

Praise your child when you hear him or her speaking Welsh show that you think it's a good thing to speak more than one language, and that you are proud of him or her.

Take your child to places and events where they will come into contact with Welsh.

Who do you know that can speak Welsh family and relatives, neighbours, friends? Try to arrange plenty of opportunities for your child to spend time with them, and encourage them (gently!) to speak Welsh.

And of course how about joining one of our Welsh for Adults classes at a location near you?
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