News for Welsh for Adults tutors

A new website ywers.com has been developed for Welsh for Adults tutors – a website which concentraes on Assessment for Teaching, including video clips of classes across Wales along with an outline of the principles. There’s a ‘Stafell Staff’ also on the website, where tutors across Wales can share experiences and ideas.

Learners’ Voice 2014/15 Results for Mid Wales available here.

How do I become a tutor?

Are you a fluent Welsh speaker looking for a career change? Maybe you’ve recently retired and looking for some part-time work? Working with adult learners can be very rewarding.

As a rule, our courses commence in September, so we’re mainly looking for new tutors during the summer, but we also recruit throughout the year. You’ll receive comprehensive training – there are sessions for new tutors each summer and induction sessions for individual tutors throughout the year.