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What level am I?

For complete beginners. Emphasis very much on conversational Welsh - personal details and past events are among the topics covered.

Expand on your speaking skills. Topics such as family, work and hobbies are among the topics covered.

The emphasis is still on speaking, but a little more writing, reading and listening is introduced. You should feel comfortable holding a conversation on everyday topics by the end of this level.

You will still concentrate on oral skills, but also be gradually introduced to Welsh radio, television and newspapers. The course also helps you write competently. Please seek advice as to which is the most appropriate course within the range of Advanced courses.

At this level, courses are available for people who speak Welsh as a first language as well as experienced learners to enhance their skills in written Welsh.

Additional information available on our Proficiency Courses in our Hyfedredd leaflet for 2014/15.

Summer Course 2010

How often do I want to learn?

The most effective way of learning is by having as many hours as possible per week. Usually it is possible to have 4 hours per week, either two 2 hour lessons or one long 4 hour session, with a break in the middle. But if you do not have enough time, or you would like to learn in a more leisurely way, it's possible to follow courses with only a 2 hour lesson per week.

You can match any level course with the pace that suits you. Click here to give you an idea of your learning journey.

Slower Paced/Llwybr Hamddenol: Whatever the level of your course you will be meeting for two hours, once a week.

Faster Paced/Cyrsiau Cyflym: Your course will be running for four hours a week, either once during a weekday, or two hours, twice a week in the evenings helping you to learn at a faster pace.

Intensive/Dwys: Where there is a demand, we offer this intensive course (12 hours a week). This is a very effective way of learning.

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